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Helping Natural Beauty Brands to Clarify Their Positioning, Create Raving Fans and Grow Their Revenues.


Clarify Your Positioning

Create Raving Fans

Grow Your Revenue

Let’s get out of overwhelm and gain some clarity on what you’re doing, where you’re going why you’re doing it. 

Once we’ve got clarity, then we can start to build a plan on how you’re going to build your brand following, quickly, simply & easily.

You’ll get actionable, easy steps to follow to help build your brand into loyal fans who love your products & stay with you forever. 

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Fed up of being the 'best kept secret' in natural beauty?

The truth is, the world doesn't need another natural beauty brand. It has thousands of them already.  

So if you're here to just keep playing safe in your lab, ignore marketing because you don't understand it, and don't want to get your brand out there, then stop reading and think about doing something else that really motivates you. Because having a natural beauty business is HARD. It requires you to push yourself, to take risks and to stop playing so small and safe.  

If reading that puts fire into your belly to prove everyone wrong, and you know you're meant to get out into the world in a big way to help people with your amazing products, you'll know you want help from an expert in marketing. So let's stop wasting time and get going, sugar. Because you have work to do. 

If there was a step-by-step, 4 stage framework.... 

...about how to get your marketing strategy, social media, reputation and brand to shine which took less than 3 hours PER MONTH to learn, would you take the leap out of the overwhelm and into feeling confident in what to do?  

I have spent thousands of pounds on learning and amassed +10 years experience in marketing, to understand what you need to do to grow your audience, create a raving fan base and grow your revenue. 

I've been voted as No. 7 in the Top 25 People moving Natural Beauty Forward in the UK, been a finalist of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards for Health and Beauty and helped a natural beauty brand increase their instagram account by 22%in 12 weeks.  

So, can you sit still and watch 1 hours LIVE training per month to help your business grow?!

The 4 Stage Framework that allows you to gain clarity, get a plan in place and you to move forward with your marketing, so you can create content that helps your dream customers fall in love with you.

Here's what happens inside The Glow Getter Collective

There are four stages that you cannot afford to miss learning about for your business.

Stage 1 

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 1 is all about clarifying your vision for the kind of business and life you want to lead which is tackled in the first training session all about visioning and goals.  

We then move onto the problem you solve and your dream target audience because most natural brands fail to do the fundamental marketing work at the beginning to ensure they are connecting with their dream target audience on an emotional level and understanding the wants, desires and needs.  

The final training will include your brand story and personal uniqueness to enable your dream target audience to buy into your brand, know like and trust you so they start to turn into raving fans.  

Stage 2 is about planning, building and executing the marketing strategy to help build upon the basics that have been covered in stage 1. 

In marketing, it isn't the best ideas that win, it's the most consistent and clear messaging which is put into action that does. In training 1 we look at the most effective form of social media for you and your dream audience, plus how to make the most of it, and why email marketing will future proof your business. 

We then look at creating your first lead magnet and funnel to help build your new followers into raving fans and finally how to create amazing and effective videos and photos to help grow your brand and social media accounts. 

Stage 3 is all about building upon the hard work you have done and to start automating it! 

This is where we look at welcome series for your emails, then linking up your lead magnet, email automation and facebook ads so you can start driving people to your email list. 

We then link it all together with your content creation and look at how to plan, create and automate your content.  

Stage 4 finally looks at maximising on everything you have learnt over the last 9 months, enabling you to start doing advanced ads, funnels and how to grow your email list quickly through creating challenges for your audience and summits to grow your brand into one that stands out from the crowd. 

GET STARTED NOW do I learn all of it?

This is done through a 60 minute live training each month with a workbook to help you complete the exercises recommended, and an expert interview at the end of each month from seven figure coaches such as Tiffany Julie, successful business owners such as Jecca Makeup and the Female Entrepreneur Association within the business, marketing and beauty world who are disrupting the way we do business forever. what else do I get?

  • Beautiful workbooks with exercises in for you to keep and refer back to. 
  • Printables of extra resources that may be of use
  • Discount codes - for marketing resources and software that may be useful
  • Extra training videos - to help you focus and narrow down on particular areas

About me, your teacher...

I’m Ailish, as in 'Delish' but with an A (you'd be surprised at the amount of people that use 'Delish' when they first meet me in reference to my name). I'm 35, I've trained in Beauty Therapy, Fashion and Editorial Makeup at the London College of Fashion, assisted on magazines like Vanity Fair and am training as a health coach. 

My award winning blog is and I’ve been voted as one of the Top 25 People moving green beauty forward in the UK 2019 and I meet with green beauty and wellness leaders to discuss how to move the industry forward yearly. I'm so excited to be able to help natural brands build a following of raving fans because my zone of genius is absolutely in big thinking, strategy and coming up with great ideas to help you excel. 

I love green smoothies, yoga and exercise, plus gin, bubbles and pick n mix (balance, boo).  

I've got +10 years experience in digital marketing, have worked with natural brands before helping to increase their Instagram account by 22% in 12 weeks, been to Downing Street to chat all about female entrepreneurship (& natural beauty of course), been voted as one of the top 25 people moving natural beauty forward in the UK.  

 I've won a few awards & have been shortlisted for others (+10 in total), spoke at events about marketing (largest was around 500 peeps, nerve wracking was an understatement) and have an audience of +30,000 across all channels. I'm also the founder of The Glow Summit; the UK's largest online wellness event to help women get glowing skin which has seen +2000 people sign up within 14 days, had 50% open rates and 20% click through rates (we can chat about what they mean in the programme if you're not familiar).  

So it's safe to say, I know digital marketing, natural beauty & possibly what you're going through right now.  

You can choose to do it yourself...

...and spend the time and money learning everything from scratch, or you can let Ailish help you get there quicker, easier and more effectively. 

The Glow Getter Collective gives you all of the most up to date information possible on how to get your natural beauty brand a following of raving fans. The best experts are brought in to show you what is working NOW and Ailish is there to help give you immediate feedback and support when you most need it, in your business (on the PRO programme). 

Sign up today for a personalised strategy call with me, and get going on your vision and mission for your natural beauty brand now. 

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