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Learn how to become the next Breakthrough Natural Beauty Brand That Thrives Online.  

Access the beauty industy's best expert advice on how to be the next breakthrough brand.

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You Can THRIVE in Turbulent Times. 

We are living in unprecedented times. There is uncertainty, fear and anxiety about business and how to survive. 

So I gathered the beauty industry's BEST experts and interviewed them to find out how YOU can become the next breakthrough brand.

I'm here to tell you that what you focus on grows, so let's focus on you not only surviving but THRIVING in these times through looking at your online presence and making it AMAZING so that you can rise above the noise and become the next breakthrough natural beauty brand online. 

Learn from THE BEST experts across digital, within the natural beauty world and outside so that you can get the very best strategies to thrive. 

Meet Our Speakers

Our speakers are some of the world leading experts in the areas of business, natural beauty and digital marketing. 

Carrie Green

Female Entrepreneur Association

Lorraine Dallmeier

Founder of Formula Botanica

Jayn Sterland

CEO, Weleda UK

Lucy Griffiths

Tracey Woodward

Aaron Chatterley

Founder, Feelunique

Lisa Fennesy 

This Organic Girl

Millie Kendall

British Beauty Council

Veta Armonaite


Emile Rossouw

Digital Score

Ailish Lucas

The Glow Getter Collective

This All Access Pass is right for you if...

  • You are a natural beauty brand that wants to learn the best strategies on how to grow online
  • You have a mission to help others with your natural brand
  • You are passionate and determined to succeed
  • You're willing to put the hard work in to make your dreams a reality
  • You want practical advice from the best experts in the industry who are at the forefront of growing brands & helping them succeed

Let's get your natural beauty brand thriving, right now.

Here's what you get when you buy the All Access Pass...

You get access to these incredible interviews:

  • Aaron Chatterley - founder of FEELUNIQUE - How to get stocked with FEELUNIQUE
  • Millie Kendall MBE - founder of the British Beauty Council - How to get noticed in a sea of brands
  • Carrie Green - founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association - How to manage your mindset for success
  • Lorraine Dallmeier - founder of Formula Botanica - How to communicate ingredients and about your brand effectively
  • Jayn Sterland - CEO of Weleda UK - How to communicate your mission and purpose
  • Lisa Fennessy - founder of This Organic Girl - How to work with influencers
  • Emile Rossouw - founder of Digital Score - How to use SEO to gain more sales
  • Tracey Woodward - Director of Innovation & Sustainability at Sheridan & Co - How to use communicate your brand effectively to stand out
  • Veta Armonaite - Head of Marketing at Omnisend - How to use email marketing to create more sales
  • Ailish Lucas - founder of The Glow Getter Collective (that's me!) - How to thrive with your marketing during challenging times


The total cost of getting to hear from these incredible experts totals +£1000's but I get investing in your business when you're just starting out can be a bit scary, so with this in mind, I've set the price for ALL of these interviews at £47 AND 100% of the profits goes to the NHS.

So you'll be helping your business AND our amazing National Health System in the UK.


Hosted by Ailish Lucas, founder of The Glow Getter Collective 

Hi lovely! I'm Ailish Lucas. 

I'm a marketing and social media strategist specialising in natural beauty. I’ve got a Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma, I’m a trained Makeup Up Artist from the London College of Fashion, a trained Beauty Therapist, a multi award winning beauty blogger, voted as one of the top 25 people moving natural beauty forward in the UK for +3 years, and pretty darn great at marketing (how does increasing a natural beauty brand’s Insta following by 22% in 12 weeks sound)?

I want to help as many women (and men!) as possible make the impact they want to with their natural beauty brand through helping them access the best minds in the industry to learn how to thrive.

The practical information you will find in this pass will help your brand make the impact you truly want to, grow your audience and create revenue.

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